Moving water

by Helen Hooker January. 18, 2020 483 views

Every time I visit Sheffield station I look at the enormous water features in Sheaf Square and wonder how best to photograph them. I’ve taken pictures before, but always wondered if perhaps the answer was a long exposure. Today I had some of the necessary ingredients - my camera and a six-stop neutral density filter, albeit without a tripod. That wasn’t going to stop me trying though and I started off at Cutting Edge, a three hundred foot long wall of polished stainless steel. As I lined up my picture, a young girl came to dip her shoes into the pool of water, so I fired off a few frames before her parents called her back. Despite the strong midday sunshine my ND filter lengthened the exposure time just enough to capture some movement as she dabbled her feet.

From there I wandered round to the curvaceous waterfall, using its swooping front line to lead one’s eye through the frame. I took several shots, again with slowish shutter speeds, to soften the water a little and blur the people walking along above the waterfall. Somehow, I moved my camera before the shutter closed on my final shot and ended up with some unintentional camera movement. It may be a happy accident, but I rather like the resulting photo!

18 January 2020

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