Taking things slowly

by Helen Hooker February. 08, 2020 840 views

When I visited Somerset for work last week I made sure I kept some time free for photography, most of which was spent shooting on film. I took my pinhole camera along and pulled it out whenever I found a photographic opportunity which I thought would work in slow motion. That part of the Somerset coast is home to a heritage railway so I spent some time on the platforms of various stations taking photos, even shooting a slow selfie on the platform at Minehead station!

On the beach at Minehead I took several photos, but realised later I really needed to get much closer to my subjects. I wasn’t sure the shot I’ve shared here would work until I got the negatives back. I was eleven minutes into a twelve minute exposure when a rather overeager dog came bounding along the beach and gave my camera a good sniff. It evidently didn’t move the camera as the stones in the foreground aren’t blurry!

My reason for visiting Somerset last weekend was to teach on a recorder orchestra course. I decided to see if this could work as a pinhole photo so during one of the sessions I conducted I set up my camera and shot a 45 minute exposure. I think some of the players were rather bemused by the whole experience, but I’m rather pleased with the end result!

My final picture is one I took during a visit to Thaxted to finish up the film. I was lurking in one of the porches of the church when I couple came by and walked straight through my shot, blissfully unaware that I was even taking a photo. Of course, with a three minute exposure their movement is completely invisible!

8 February 2020

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Nick Ambrose 1 year, 4 months ago

I think you need to capture someone having a shoe shine Helen 😁

1 year, 4 months ago Edited
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