Foraging for photos

by Helen Hooker February. 21, 2020 683 views

I wanted to get out of the house today, but couldn’t be bothered to drive anywhere, knowing that most places would be thronging with children on their half term holiday. Instead I took a stroll around our village for a couple of hours, armed with just my little compact camera, foraging for photos.

Peering through a circular aperture on the bridge

Peering through a circular aperture on the bridge

I kept an open mind about what to photograph and started off at the village railway station. The footbridge gives a great view of the railway lines and quite by chance my walk across it coincided with a fast train speeding through the station.

From there I walked through the village, towards the church. The owners of the house nearest the junction with the High Street have put some large chunks of wood out on the verge to deter lorries from running over the kerb and onto their property. I’ve always thought painting faces on them was a humorous touch!

Eventually I ended up at the church. I’ve photographed here many times but still found a different angle to cover. I even found some ancient graffiti scored into the stonework, which the soft light from the west window was highlighting beautifully.

21 February 2020

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