Birds of a feather...

by Helen Hooker March. 16, 2020 529 views

After a weekend indoors with my students I wanted to get outside for some fresh air today so I headed for the coast. My destination was Clacton-on-Sea, where I planned to do some pinhole photography around the pier. The pier itself was all but deserted, apart from some workmen doing winter maintenance and a handful of fishermen so I found some interesting places to photograph in peace. Those pictures will eventually appear on my blog, once the negatives have been developed, but I also did some digital photography.

Walking down to the pier I noticed some sparrows sunbathing on the tops of the bushes, from where they watched me with curiosity but little apparent fear. A few steps further on I encountered a pair of carrion crows perched on a lamp post, observing the scene and making a right old racket!

After I’d finished on the pier I moved along the beach, where I found a series of black headed gulls foraging on the water’s edge. They gradually realised I wasn’t too much of a threat, allowing me to captured some reasonably close photos of them.

Any visit to the beach is incomplete without seeing at least one herring gull and today there were plenty at Clacton. One watched me from the breakwaters, while another paired courted on the sand and I even managed to capture one of them in flight.

16 March 2020

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Kay Hooker 1 year ago

These are beautiful, especially #2, such a fluffed up little sparrow.

1 year ago Edited
Abigail Gossage 1 year ago

A trip like that must have wonders for your wellbeing 😃. We are starting to go a little stir crazy in our “isolation”!

1 year ago Edited