Walking the cat

by Helen Hooker April. 09, 2020 639 views

Our intention was to go for a walk around the village after dinner this evening, but Lucy had other ideas! As we set off she was loitering on the drive and decided she wanted to join us. Not wishing to take her along the main road instead we strolled around the loop of our road, which is very quiet and she followed us all the way.

Sometimes she’d dash between parked cars, or investigate other driveways, and at other times she’d simply sit down and take everything in. Finally, we ended up back on the green, opposite our house and I was able to catch one final close up portrait of her, before she was distracted by one of the other neighbourhood cats. I guess the longer walk we’d planned will have to wait for tomorrow!

9 April 2020

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Kay Hooker 1 year, 2 months ago

Helen, Lucy feels confused!  Over the past two/three weeks she has become used to you both being there for her  all the time.  Now when you both go out, she is feeling lost, lonely  so wants to join you on your walk, just for company.   These are just my feelings. Love you Lucy, hope to see you again very soon.

1 year, 2 months ago Edited
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