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It’s that time of year when livestock come back out into their pastures. In our village one of the fields is now occupied by a herd of cattle, so I walked down there early this evening to see if they might pose for the odd portrait.

I know from the cattle at Hatfield Forest how inquisitive they can be and these ones were just the same. A couple of the youngsters wandered over towards the fence, but weren’t quite brave enough to come and say hello.

A few yards away a mother and calf were drinking from the water trough. When the Mum had stopped drinking she looked at me, drooling water all over the place, and gave me an expression which seemed to say, “OK, you’ve seen enough – time to moove on!”

After a few minutes the whole herd decided to visit the other side of the field – a huge bovine convoy. Their destination was beside another road so I stepped it out to find out what was suddenly so appealing. I failed to figure that one out, but they were very curious to know why I’d followed them. I found a safe spot to stand beside a gate and this time a couple of the older cows found their nerve, coming over to sniff my hands and offer the odd slobbery lick too!

14 April 2020

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Very good photos, pity that in English you can not make the joke with the word very (In spanish "Muy"). Greetings and take care.

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Mary Brown 1 year ago

Love these!

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