by Helen Hooker June. 27, 2020 282 views

We had a very inquisitive visitor to our garden this afternoon. I’ve photographed this tabby cat, who belongs to one of our neighbours, several times before out on the green but I don’t believe she’s ever explored our garden before. With our back gate open, the temptation was too great and before I knew it she was in!

She’s a very friendly character and quite vocal too, so it wasn’t long before Lucy emerged to take a look. As Stanley has learnt before, Lucy isn’t the most welcome host when it comes to other cats, so I had to intervene a few times so fur didn’t fly. After a few minutes, the wildflower patch had been thoroughly investigated and tabby decided it was time to leave. Of course this decision might just have been influenced by the growling noises Lucy was making by that stage!

27 June 2020

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