Following the herd

by Helen Hooker June. 29, 2020 689 views

After last week’s scorching visit to Hatfield Forest, today brought altogether more blustery conditions. I spent most of the morning wandering the quieter backwaters of the Forest with the Rolleiflex, shooting just a dozen frames of colour film. It was wonderful to take so much time to find my photos and really made me question whether each scene I looked at was worthy of a square of negative. I’ll share those photos when I get the film back from being developed, but I had another motivation for my visit.

The Red Poll cattle return to Hatfield Forest at the start of May every year, but I missed my usually opportunity to photograph the young calves among the buttercups as the Forest was closed. I found the location of one herd during my morning explorations, so after lunch I returned with a digital camera and a long lens. Soon after I arrived the entire herd decided they fancied a change of scenery so I joined them on their walk across Takeley Hill. I did my best to keep ahead of them so I caught head on shots and their gorgeous red coats looked wonderfully glossy in the sunshine. This year’s youngsters are now growing quickly and many of them are nearly as big as the adults, but I still caught one or two of them misbehaving cheekily!

29 June 2020

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