Sunday racer

by Helen Hooker July. 19, 2020 347 views

What a difference a day makes! Yesterday’s overcast skies were replaced by brilliant sunshine for race day at Donington Park. Ordinarily I’d have been pleased, but on this occasion it made life somewhat harder. In common with many motor racing circuits, Donington has lots of catch-fences, designed to keep any flying debris away from spectators.

Sometimes it’s possible to get close enough to the wire to shoot through it, but here that was tricky as my camera was always at least a foot away from the mesh. Add in some sunshine sparkling on the loops of wire and that tests a camera’s focusing abilities to the limit! Of course, I wasn’t going to be defeated by a little sunshine and I managed to find a few spots where I could overcome this some of the time.

We had a similar mix of cars to yesterday’s qualifying sessions, but I concentrated my efforts on the historic touring cars and pre-1966 Minis. The racing was very close and I focused my efforts on catching the action at track level as it makes for more exciting images than ones taken from above the fences.

19 July 2020

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