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by Helen Hooker August. 20, 2020 416 views

After my unsuccessful visit to the British Wildlife Centre last week, hoping to see their Scottish wildcat kittens, I had another try today. To my delight the kittens were out and about when I arrived so I spent quite some time enjoying their antics as they played in the sunshine. While they look incredibly cute, don’t be fooled – these are tabby cats with attitude! Relative to their size, Scottish wildcats are the fiercest cats in the world and will even catch prey the size of small deer.

Today wasn’t all about the cats though. As the day began to warm up I found dozens of tiny green frogs in the water vole enclosure – some of them gathered in small piles! I can’t help feeling these must be related to the rather large green frog I photographed last week.

Compared to last Tuesday today was much cooler, although warm enough to encourage the foxes to relax in the dappled sunshine. Ted was feeling particularly chilled out and posed for me beautifully.

Rather than trying to see everything today I pottered between the enclosures, seeing who was out and about, and I caught some cute portraits of Hugo the hedgehog and one of the Roe deer.

Later in the afternoon I returned to the wildcats. BY this stage the kittens had hidden away, but their mother, Hilda, was still out and about, having a good scratch and showing her attitude to the keeper when she brought her some food!

20 August 2020

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Janet Lippincott 7 months, 1 week ago

I haven’t posted for six years, but you always checked out my photos. Now they are on facebook, but I just might start up on photoblog again. It’s good to see you are still posting. I love those ferocious Scottish wildcat kittens! And always frogs and foxes.

7 months, 1 week ago Edited
Rachele Schneekloth 8 months ago

So amazing to see this wildlife so relaxed!

8 months ago Edited