After the rain

by Helen Hooker January. 15, 2021 661 views

After two days of almost incessant rain the stream I cross on my daily walk had turned from a babbling brook to a raging torrent of water this morning. I’d gone there to photograph from one side of the bridge with my pinhole camera but couldn’t resist shooting the opposite side with my Fuji while I was there, choosing a slowish shutter speed to capture the sense of movement.

15 January 2021

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Russell Smith 3 months ago

Nicely done :)

3 months ago Edited
Craig Casterline 3 months ago

Very nice. Did you shoot that hand held?

3 months ago Edited
Helen Hooker Replied to Craig Casterline 3 months ago

Yes, although I had a railing to rest my camera on, which helped. I also had lots of unsuccessful, blurry shots!

3 months ago Edited
Dave Sharpe 3 months ago

This is a great shot.

3 months ago Edited
Jay Boggess 3 months ago

Nice water flow!+1

3 months ago Edited