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by Helen Hooker May. 08, 2021 515 views

I had a single sheet of film left in one of my film holders as I drove home on Friday afternoon, just asking to be exposed. It seemed a shame not to use it, so I stopped off at the Chappell Viaduct, which crosses the Colne Valley, just west of Colchester. The viaduct has now fewer than 32 arches and the brick pillars between them feature elegant oval openings. These ovals vary in distance from ground level, but I managed to find one I could reach and set up my tripod in its bottom curve. Using the shift function of my pinhole camera, I was able to capture the full height of the receding ovals without having to angle it upwards.

Naturally, I also took a digital version for comparison. With a narrower field of view here I was able to exclude the strips of sky, while still keeping everything straight and true thanks to a little adjustment in Lightroom afterwards.

8 May 2021

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Craig Casterline 1 month, 1 week ago

Very nice. Glad to see another pinhole shot and the comparison is interesting. There is something more nostalgic or retro about the pinhole shots compared to the precision of the digital version. Thanks for sharing.

1 month, 1 week ago Edited