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I'm a professional musician with a strong interest in photography. I got my first camera when I was ten years old and always took quite a lots of photos on holidays, although they were little more than quick snapshots. I got my first digital camera (a Canon P&S) in 2004 and upgraded to a digital SLR in 2006. I now shoot with a Canon 5D mark III and a variety of lenses plus a Panasonic LX7 when I need something more compact.

I've been posting on Photoblog since December 2007 but in November 2008 I started posting every day. I intended to do this for a year but it became a habit I couldnâ??t get out of so Iâ??m still posting daily over five years later. I travel around the country a lot with my work so I make sure I always have a camera with me as you never know where you might find that perfect shot! I enjoy the challenge of shooting and posting daily - it has made me much more creative in terms of finding subjects to shoot â?? Iâ??ve been known to take photos of the most mundane objects in order to keep up my daily schedule!

Given a choice, I enjoy a huge range of photography. I love taking photos of animals, macro photography of nature, architecture and motor sport. I enjoy landscape photography too, although I am aware itâ??s an area I need to develop my skills in further.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy browsing my photos.

Portfolio website: http://www.helenhookerphotography.co.uk/

Etsy store: http://hhphotos.etsy.com



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Camera Gear

  • Canon 5DIII and 7DII plus Panasonic GX8 and various lenses.