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I'm a musician by training but in recent years I've developed a big obsession with photography.

I've had a camera since I was ten years old and always took loads of photos on holidays, although they were little more than quick snapshots. Digital was the real turning point for me and the instant feedback from my first digital camera pushed me to improve my skills. Having done the whole full frame DSLR thing, I've now downsized to a brace of Lumix M43 cameras - sometimes less really is more!

I've been posting on Photoblog since December 2007 but started posting every day in November 2008. I intended to do this for a year but it proved to be a habit I couldn't get out of! After a decade of 365 projects I finally stopped in November 2018. I still post here several times a week and love the community here. I travel all over the country with my work and always have a camera with me - you never know where that next shot will come from!

I love photographing anything and everything, although I have a particular passion for architecture and street photography. But I'm equally at home photographing wildlife, motorsport or aviation.

I write educational articles over on the Photoblog learning platform and teach photography workshops in the UK. Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy browsing my photos.


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