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I'm a musician by training but in recent years I've developed a big obsession with photography.

I've had a camera since I was ten years old and always took lots of photos on holidays, although they were little more than quick snapshots. I got my first digital camera (a Canon P&S) in 2004 and it was then that I really got interested in photography. I've used various cameras over the years but have settled on a combination of a Panasonic GX8 (small and light - great for when I'm travelling) for my everyday shooting and a Canon 7DII for action stuff.

I've been posting on Photoblog since December 2007 but started posting every day in November 2008. I intended to do this for a year but it proved to be a habit I couldn't get out of so I'm still posting daily nearly nine years later. I travel all over the country with my work so I always have a camera with me - you never know where you might find that perfect shot! I still enjoy the challenge of shooting and posting daily. It's certainly improved my photography and I think it's made me more creative too.

I love photographing anything and everything, although I have a particular passion for architecture and wildlife.

I've recently started writing educational articles over on the Photoblog learning platform and relish the chance to help others with their photography.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy browsing my photos.


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