To a Dancer

by Gary Largent September. 22, 2020 602 views

Just do the steps that you've been shown
By everyone you've ever known
Until the dance becomes your very own
No matter how close to yours
Another's steps have grown
In the end there is one dance you'll do alone - Jackson Browne

Dancing is another one of those things that is universal. Movement to music that is an expression of joy, a mating ritual, a religious tradition.

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Tsao T-F 12 months ago

Well collections. A wonderful series.

12 months ago Edited
John Durham 12 months ago

Great theme, excellent subjects.

12 months ago Edited
Stacie Pease 12 months ago


12 months ago Edited
David Nurse 12 months ago

Nice Set!

12 months ago Edited
Heike 12 months ago

A very nice series! Beautiful photos, especially #1 cast a spell over me. Through the fog it looks as if a ghost of the past is watching the young woman in the foreground. Really a wonderful pic!

12 months ago Edited