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I want to begin with these words: “Let God bless us!”
A new person was born in the history in 1985, 23 April. In his childhood he used to like to crack little toys in order to look in them like all children. If he couldn’t find any toys he would break the mechanical clock. He also had different hobby. He used to catch lively frogs and had minor surgeries on them. But there was only one difference from doctors’ surgery……he was doing it without anesthetizing. In the end of all this practice…...
Nowadays I’m a student at Azerbaijan Medical University. I’m going to be surgeon in near future. It’s really great pleasure for me to treat people, give them happiness and love of life. That’s why I’m trying very hard to achieve this goal and to be an excellent doctor. It is never too late to learn.
There’s a proverb in English: “What is done cannot be undone”. It is just way of my life. What is lost is lost. You should try to look forward to the future, but it doesn’t mean that you must forget the past. Take something precious from the past and step forward to the future. It doesn’t matter weather you want it or not, there is no rose without thorn. It’s just rule of life.

“Deeds, not words”… I finish with these words.


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