Goldbond's posts from May 2012

This exhibit at the De Young Museum was absolutely fabulous. Many of the mannequins had moving, some talking, faces, like this one of Gaultier himself. Lots…

These containers provide a much more interesting silhouette than others! and yes, a little morning fog.

this bridge spans over the Bay between San Mateo and Hayward, CA. When you get the past the hump, it's rather low to the water, which is a little freaky!

The Amgen Tour of California sets out from the Marina Green on its Stage 2 race. These guys are MACHINES!

right, I don't think it's functional any more… But it was, back in 1902 when it was built in Golden Gate Park. There are two of these in the park, both at the…

I have a terrible time getting good photos of trees… They're just not as impressive as the originals. I'll keep trying and some day will get it right.

yeah, bathe at your own risk. Built in 1896, next to the famous Cliff House, these ruins were left after the tear-down (& fire) in 1966.