Nuns in action

by Goshaa November. 19, 2016 768 views

      These nuns see above are from Poland - Kwidzyn. I stayed with them for 4 days to visit their town and all what is all around. I also made them many pictures. This is one of them.

      Today I saw that one of my old Friend from old / good photoblog leaves this site. Great pity. Person who is guilty for this, is the new owner of this site - Ram. Nearly all my old friends aren't here. This is not suprised me. Now - photoblog is ugly site. When I click browse and see the same popular pictures from the same persons for days ....when I click editors, categories -  the same.... Some pictures and persons are forced to be popular.. some - on the contrary.  Ram - you kill this site - you kill the familiar relationships which were among people here! Bravo! Great success! Maggie

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