Waiting for Easter

by Goshaa March. 31, 2018 456 views

Once the Easter Friday is dedicated to the contemplation of Christ's death and many Poles attend church or taking part in a Way of the Cross Misterium, the Saturday is dedicated to the beloved tradition of Blessing of the baskets.
The blessing of the Easter food, or the "Swieconka" is a tradition dear to the heart of every Pole. Being deeply religious, he is grateful to God for all His gifts of both nature and grace, and, as a token of this gratitude, has the food of his table sanctified with the hope that spring, the season of the Resurrection, will also be blessed by God's goodness and mercy.

The foods traditionally blessed for Easter can be reduced to three categories:

Easter bread and cakes of all kinds - particularly babka
Meat products, like ham, stuffed veal, suckling pig or lamb, sausage, bacon, etc.;
Dairy products, like butter, cheese ("hrudka" cheese cake), eggs - some shelled, some decorated ("pisanki"); etc.

The blessing of Easter food is one of our most beautiful and most meaningful customs with which our devoted ancestors have enriched us. This centuries old custom is indeed richly symbolic and has a deep liturgical and spiritual meaning. It is one in which the whole family can participate and help prepare. Let us preserve these customs so that they may endure for many generations to come.

Above, you can see my 3 baskets full of eggs coloured in onions shell, special kind of Easter cake called " babeczki", any other kind of sweets, salt, special prepared small bread. These baskets are also decorated by boxwood twigs.

Happy Easter! Maggie ps During the Holy Saturday we still have fast

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