Recipe from the old photoblog Friend...

by Goshaa October. 28, 2018 266 views

...for simply/ one plate meal. I've got from my friend Marie who cooks axcellent. I have 2 left hands for cooking, so I need simply and very simply recipes for meals.Maggie

Here it is how to do - I 've only add some pepper to onion and dill weed on potatoes - slice potatoes, onions and cube the ham. In a pan make a layer of onions, then potatoes (salt them a little) and then ham. Put another layer of onions and potatoes on top. Put a little butter on the potatoes. In a bowl mix a cup of milk with one egg. Pour on top of the dish and bake at 180 Celsius about one hour. Maybe less - it depends on what sort of potatoes you have on hand. Enjoy!

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