Mary did you know?

by Goshaa December. 22, 2018 330 views

Mary, do you know who will your son, your little boy turn out to be?
Mary, do you know that these two tootsys will walk on water?
Do you know that this little hand will calm the great wind?
[Do you know] that you gave life to somebody who gave life to you?
Mary, do you know that one day he'll give sight to a blind man?
Mary, do you know that you son is supposed to deliver us?
Do you know that you boy's already known heaven's paths?
[Do you know] that looking into his eyes, you see the most holy face?


The sight to blind, the sound to deaf, the gift of life to dead
The step to lame, the song to dumb, are brought by Christ!

Mary, do you know, who your tiny hero really is?
Mary, do you know that one day he will rule the world?
Do you know that is he who will defeat sin and death?
The child sleeping in your arms has name "I Am"

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