by Uma Rajagopal January. 05, 2017 560 views

The experience and feelings that evoke at sunset are different for different people.Two identical twins standing next to each other,  will not be looking at the same sunset. Everyone's experience is unique.A sunset is when change is most evident.The scene transforms and every moment is priceless. Every second something changes and makes the scenery just a little bit different, just a little more unique.

Every moment you stand watching the sun set you realize the reality of existence.A sun that must always make way for the night.  It is a deeply satisfying experience watching it. No one can explain it the same way. Painters  have tried to capture a sunset,  poets that have tried to describe it, the scientists  have tried to measure it and they are  all trying to grasp that beauty, that truth, which is held within a sunset.

I have many precious moments stored away in my mind watching this special sunset on my trip to Italy this summer. 

Amalfi coast, Italy

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