Zibi reconstruction

by Abigail Gossage February. 07, 2021 514 views

The Covid walk for yesterday took me over to the EB Eddy bridge where the massive Zibi reconstruction is taking place. This time I reversed my walk by starting with the Alexandra Bridge and going down the Québec side of the Ottawa River.

Empty windows but the Willson Carbide Mill still stands more than 100 years later.

Massive government offices dominate where there used to be ancillary low-rise buildings for the EB Eddy pulp and paper mill.

A quiet bywater off the Chaudière Falls with some of the Zibi reconstruction overlooking the water.

The Zibi project encompasses 34 acres of industrial land so it is going to be a while yet before it is completed, including the planned parkland. Hard to believe looking at the wasteland now but it will be quite beautiful.

Looking back from the EB Eddy Bridge/Chaudière Bridge at some of the newly completed construction.

Walking home along Wellington Street, it always amazes me how light can transform a ho hum view into something striking.

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