The Garage

by Abigail Gossage March. 29, 2021 659 views

The challenge from the RA PhotoClub this weekend was to wander around Lansdowne Park and the Glebe with only a cellphone for a camera. I am no cellphone expert so it was a real challenge!

One of the leaders gave a tip that the parking garage in the Glebe had some interesting features so off I went to check it out. The garage was built after I moved away from the area so it was completely new to me. I did not expect the architectural details and the whimsical turtles so the shoot was a wonderful time and mercifully out of the cold wind. A bonus was that with the pandemic there were very few cars parked.

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Camellia Staab 1 month ago

Interesting idea of photographing a garage, never occurred to me but now looking at your photos I can see why it would be worthwhile. Interesting "peep wholes" but I think the most interesting one is the one in #5, your composition really makes the holes stand out. Wondering why there are frogs & turtle designs on the walls.

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Abigail Gossage Replied to Camellia Staab 1 month ago

The city commissioned Christopher Griffin to create the turtles and frogs.  There are also some creatures on the roof but there is construction on that level so I could not get close.  The most interesting garage I have ever seen.

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Russell Smith 1 month ago

Awesome and also a cool image.

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Abigail Gossage Replied to Russell Smith 1 month ago


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Berckmans Peter 1 month, 1 week ago

Nice, really like them.

1 month, 1 week ago Edited
Abigail Gossage Replied to Berckmans Peter 1 month ago

It was great fun, mercifully out of the wind.

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Jay Boggess 1 month, 1 week ago

Wonderful captures! 
+1smile+1 Who needs a camera, when you can get shots like these with you phone?!?!?!?

1 month, 1 week ago Edited
Abigail Gossage Replied to Jay Boggess 1 month ago

I do🤪. Much prefer a real camera but I cannot deny the quality that cellphones can now produce.

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Jay Boggess Replied to Abigail Gossage 1 month ago

I do too, but, as you say, the phones are producing pretty competitive produce!+1

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