Along the Ottawa River

by Abigail Gossage May. 03, 2021 434 views

Sunday's walk was made in brilliant sunshine. I decided to do my circuit across the Alexandra Bridge, along the path on the other side of the Ottawa River to the Portage Bridge and then back on the Ottawa side of the river to home. I had not done that walk in a few weeks so it made a nice change.

Long walk, long post...

Looking down from the bridge, young testosterone was doing wheelies. There was a lot of activity on the river on this beautiful afternoon.

Once off the bridge and over by the Museum of History there were a couple of tourist views of the Hill and the Alexandra Bridge. The bridge is under threat of demolition and the heritage lovers are up in arms.

Once on the Portage Bridge I discovered that someone had jimmied the lock on the security fence surrounding the old Willson Carbidge Mill on Victoria Island so I was able to step inside and get a shot unemcumbered by chainlink fence.

Further along on the path under Parliament Hill someone had pushed yet another security barricade open so I was able to get in and poke my camera through the gate on the second barricade. I think this is part of the heating plant for the Hill although I am not sure that is a correct identification.

It was a good walk for getting in where I was not supposed to be!

A bag of fertilizer glows in the afternoon sun.

One last incline to climb, across from the Chateau Laurier...

Almost there, along the Chateau Laurier Terrace, through Majors Hill Park, down the York Steps and I am home!

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Camellia Staab 1 day, 7 hours ago

Your description for #2 made me laugh. Nice capture of the area and looks like you had a very enthusiastic model in #9 smile

1 day, 7 hours ago Edited