Geometry in Sixth Grade

by Great Oak School September. 15, 2017 2172 views

Part of the math curriculum in sixth grade in Waldorf Schools is devoted to the study and practice of geometry. By the sixth grade, students have spent plenty of time doing freehand geometry. From Grade 1, they have studied form drawing with curved and straight lines, and they’ve continued on through the grades with running forms, symmetrical forms, and Celtic knots. In the sixth grade, the precursor to the Geometry Block is the Geometrical Drawing Block, during which students pick up instruments and use a compass and straight line to practice bisecting angles and circle divisions in their main lesson books. This practice, along with the application of color (the student may decide how he/she wishes to shade their drawings), makes for a beautiful display and allows for the experience of the concepts students will study in the succeeding Geometry Block.

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Helen Anders 1 year, 8 months ago

These are so beautiful!

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