Bamboo Tattoo day 3- starting the band

by Gregoryg October. 11, 2008 2914 views


This was my favorite day of the four tattooing days….
Here Korn draws in some of the bands that go around my shin-

The work done on my shin hardly hurt at all. At times there was no pain at all.
It was any time we worked on the area on the calf that I really clenched my teeth.

After watching Korn work for so many hours, and chatting about the processes of bamboo tattooing,
I wanted to get the real experience of the thing…

He was ecstatic when I asked-

“no one's ever asked me that before! … sure!!”
So he grabbed me a pair of gloves and walked me through some of the basics.

This is me practicing the motions with the needle.
Surprisingly, a lot of motion as well.
The four needles are in a straight line on the bamboo stick so to make a curved line you need to turn the stick as you keep a steady pace of punches.

And we're off…
A few small mistakes.
It was hard to give the pressure needed to pierce the right layer of skin due to my own fear of fucking up.
once I got the hang of it Korn tells me I'm doing as well as his apprentice who's been at it for a year.
I ask him how much I should do… “hey, It's your leg, your tattoo”.
After lining and shading three links, I'm good. Time to give it back to the professional.
(later I'll be posting a few videos of the whole thing)

a festival for Buddha through out Asia makes for parties every where.
Music, dancing, food, etc…

Traditional dance and music

Some militants are always present for gatherings.

these guys were nice enough to pose for a pic…

… then they asked for a pic with myself…

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