Taking some back roads- Ninh Binh

by Gregoryg November. 18, 2008 849 views


A basic map of NinhBinh shows some small roads snaking outside of town. A perfect way to gain more road confidence after the accident.

Out here, the roads all look as though they had big plans that were never accomplished. Going from bisected 6 lane dirt roads, filled with pot holes and completely deserted, to single lane stone paths and mud roads sloping on either side into irrigation.

… homes along the way built into the limestone mountain side…
(quaint isn't it?)

the geography of this place!
…beyond imagination~

a small temple at the end of a road

home sweet home

heading back into town before dusk

The discomfort of sitting on the bike for long periods became more apparent as days passed. I find a metal shop between our guest house and tonight's restaurant… might as well see what we can come up with—

I draw out and hand gesture a few ideas for the metal smith and he contributes some of his own…
- after searching through his piles of steel and rubble, we find that a street sign is a perfect fit and strength!

(hahaha- I couldn't get him to stand still for this pic)
Finished product: luggage rack, with easy access bolts and bungee hooks. It was perfect… and a great surprise for my passenger.
… now off to dinner…

The “Phu Gia Loc ResTauRant” we visit is occupied by the owner (Minh) and his family alone (the norm in VN), so they are openly social and friendly.
He's drinking liquor and offers us some…
(here's the fermenting jugs placed in a cavity beneath the floor left to themselves to ripen for months)

… We see that the shops walls are lined with large jars filled with various critters and such, but don't have the heart to refuse. It's wonderful! Really good anyways… The man is thoroughly pleased that we enjoyed it, so he offers us more and takes us on the tour of the process…

… by the end of our tour and dinner we're all drunk and hysterical.
The night was great! I just wish we'd have come to this place earlier.

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