from Dak To through Kon Tum to Buon Ma Thuot... got that?

by Gregoryg December. 07, 2008 2018 views


Leaving Dak To, heading South
The bike, with it's new carb, is riding like a dream~

I remember taking this pic in admiration of the roads in this area
- very nice -

A statue and museum to commiserate and pay respects to those Vietnamese who were held and tortured in the KonTum Prison by the French

The original ball and chain is no joke

I doubt I shoulda' been playing with this
… can't pass up a photo opp!

View from the prison…

I should have taken a picture of this road side lunch spot…
I took this picture from the comfort of a hammock. One of many at the stand- great idea eh?

beautiful farm land…

Finding a place to stay in Buon Ma Thuot was a pain… Expensive and spread all over the place. (ended up at the Nguyen Nhi Hotel)
The market in town was nice… a cornucopia and open late as well. I remember finding cheap booze and hot buns
The city itself I wasn't a fan of… something about it was awkward. Not too busy, but still chaotic. Though, maybe I didn't take enough time to explore.
All in all, if I was to pass through again, I'd guess I'd find my night elsewhere.

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