Some Photos I Like

by Gregory Ricks February. 07, 2010 1577 views

Here's some photos I've taken that I still enjoy looking at. I've just had them all printed in 9x6 format and thinking which ones I'd like to have properly printed professionally (something I've never done before!)

Brighton Pier at sunrise in September 2009. The buildings look like they are out for a walk along the beach.

Janet looking out to sunset on the beach at St Petersburg, Florida in October 2008. Janet's not too fond of this photo. I love it.

We were in St. Petersburg for a wedding which was called off the day we arrived because our Bride was in hospital with a cancerous brain tumour. Our holiday became a very confusing time, going from joy and happy expectation to shock and sorrow for our Bride and Groom.

A beautiful sunset on the beach just before the sky exploded into reds and deep golds. The gentle contours of Janet's body and the waves, all the greys, umbers and ochres moved me to tenderness in this difficult time. Nature is pulling us out of our cares and filling us with peace.

A tree plantation near Bergerac in France on an overcast day. Woods have a deep serenity. The order of the trees is soothing as well, reminding me of mathematics or Steve Reich, the composer.

I explored art with people who had dementia and some of them displayed pleasure at ordering their crayons and paints in certain military formations. I understand persons with autism display similar behaviour. But then, we all like order. Hmmm!

A very striking chateau near Bergerac in France. I tweaked this photo to get the roughness of the stone walls and to develop the clouds.

2 Latvian dancers at a dance festival called Dance Around The World in London UK last October.

I wanted natural light for the dancers but the lighting in this hall was atrocious for photographers not using flash. Then the sun burst through the windows bathing the dancers in light and leaving the rest of the hall in total darkness. I was very fortunate with this photo.

I tweaked the dance floor to bring out the shape of their black boots. The colours remind me of the dutch painter, Vermeer.

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