Photos I Like (Part 2)

by Gregory Ricks February. 13, 2010 1027 views

More personal photos from my collection.

An arc of trees, early afternoon in the gardens of Squerryes Court, Westerham, Kent. Arcs and circular formations of natural objects (trees, stones, plants, water, etc.) have deep emotional experience for us from prehistoric times. I took about 200 photos during my afternoon here. I was full of excited attachment for this place.

Hayling Island, near Portsmouth, UK about 700 am before all my friends are awake. The pleasure of being alone, early in the morning, is superb. Very meditative!

I'd taken 40 or 50 shots along a bay with the tide out and when I transferred these photos to my computer, this one jumped out and grabbed my attention. At first, I was irritated with the yellow diamond warning sign and considered cropping it out of the picture but a deeper feeling kept me from doing so.

Walking through the New Forest in Hampshire in August 2009, I come upon this tree, long dead, nestled amongst these young fern. I opened up the aperture to get as much as I could out of the green shadows and, by doing so, bleached the deep blues of the sky.

Walking along the Thames River near the OXO Tower, I took this snap of a pipe sticking out of the algae.

Near the Falls Hotel, Ennistymon, County Clare, Ireland; I walk along a river and then go deep into the woods, following a stream that cuts a deep gully into the soft soil roundabout here. Part of the stream is channelled making me suspect that this is part of a mill race. This is the mill race (the brown clear water, the green vertical bank and the leaf strewn path on the left.

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