by Kaeyla Mcgee March. 29, 2017 887 views

There's an irresistible magic about fire and flame.

Not even cats are immune.

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Sarah 4 years ago

Your pictures always make me stop. Excellent.

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Heike 4 years ago

Could be the cover of a fantasy book ! Beautiful.

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Pam Brighton 4 years ago

Very cool pic!

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Antonio Gil 4 years ago

No words to describe how much I love this amazing image. Triple WOW

4 years ago Edited
Kaeyla Mcgee Replied to Antonio Gil 4 years ago

Thanks so much Antonio! That's very kind. Right place right time. When it comes to animals so much depends on luck.

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Jay Boggess 4 years ago

WOW!!! Fabulous creation!
Striking image!

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Sven Flück 4 years ago

Look amazing

4 years ago Edited
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