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TECH1004 WK2: Still image and depth of field.

In today's lab session, I was given the task of creating a story through the use of separate images and experimenting with depth of field.


This image uses an over the shoulder, high angle shot to assert the character's dominance over the other character. Here the character that is hanging on to the edge is in focus, whereas the nearest character is out of focus.

Image one: Settings: Moderate light, Deep focus

Image 2:

In this photo the characters are in the same position but a different camera angle is used which again asserts the taller character's dominance. Both characters are in focus whereas the backdrop is out of focus.

Image 2:

Image 3:

Image three is slightly blurred, the character is out of focus whereas part of the wall is in focus. This helps recognise where the character has fallen from.

Short comic: Boris and Jeffrey.

This helps to show how you can create a story out of images. This could be done without editing or with editing. I chose to edit mine in to a short and simple story as a way of introducing myself in to the use of using photoshop to create a story influenced by the style of  'Cecils quest.'

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