Church of Santa María de Azogue. Benavente (Zamora / Spain) 2019/03/10

by Guillermo Huerga Borrego March. 19, 2019 385 views

After celebrating in a restaurant in the town of Benavente a meal with the whole family, my sister and I decided to visit the Villa de Benavente with our partners and children.

Located in the center of the city of Benavente, it is considered one of its main artistic monuments. Its construction, begun around 1180, when this city was repopulated by Ferdinand II of León, is considered to be contemporary with the church of San Juan del Mercado in the same town.

Initiated in the Romanesque style, good unfinished time remained until the restorative impulse in the times of Sancho IV, in the last quarter of the 13th century. In the sixteenth century, the temple would receive the Gothic ribbed vaults of the central nave, a work financed by the counts of the town, whose heraldic arms are attached on top. In 1735, the cover of the feet was replaced by another from the 12th century.

The church has four chapels (highlight the Chapel of Jesus of Nazarene) and a sacristy, which was formerly one more chapel of the church.

The covers of the cruise are varied. The north with vegetal decoration and the south, vegetal and figurative.

The tower has a square floor, in which formerly there was a clock over the tower and not in it as now, which was said to be heard throughout the region, reaching his fame to be collected in a popular saying. The mighty tower a slate spire needle.

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