Kinder Scout

by Gerry Walker March. 09, 2019 278 views

A trip from Hayfield and a walk to the top of Kinder Scout, which is the highest point in the Peak District.

The plaque commemorates the arrest and imprisonment of the locals for walking on private land

Kinder Scout is the site of the 1932 Mass Trespass - when ramblers from nearby cities peacefully protested on what was then private land, contributing to the change in legislation allowing people to freely walk on access land.

The Mass Trespass was a key event in the campaign for open access to moorland in Britain which eventually led to the formation of Britain's National Parks; the Peak District was the first National Park, founded on 17th April 1951.

Gateway to Kinder

Walking down and across from Kinder plateau with views over Kinder reservoir

Kinder reservoir

The climb to the top

Grit stones

Grit stone borders at the top of Kinder Scout

Grit stone borders at the top of Kinder Scout

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