Life as you know it? Let's have a minor reality check!

by Luke Hagemann December. 15, 2016 1390 views

"I have found so much beauty in the dark, as I have found an abundance of horrors in the light" - Karunase


A photo I took of my sister. Even the wind has its own way of life, and it is never the same.

It is commonly mentioned that life has a nature of fluidity, there is a limit; it is in a constant force of motion that moves at a speed that only each one of us, as individuals can understand. But is this really the case? Can the statement at the beginning of the first line be so undemanding of any deeper understanding or thought? Why should we just take it as it comes? To think of it, if we really didn't just agree with it and sign at the door or sell ourselves out; that humdrum of a statement would be negated - completely wiped away from our thoughts and the linear lives that we're all living.

A recent shot I took while at home in Grahamstown. The miniature wheat looking grass what perfectly positioned in line with the sun as I knelt down on my knees to take the shot.

Don't you think that there is so much more, as cliched as that sounds? If life were meant to be such a mind-numbing experience or mathematical equation ( and I don't state that with regards to complication), so boring and routine; then ask yourself this (but really think about it while asking yourself), why then are we so different? Why do we all have different beats, rhythms, dances, feelings, emotions, love languages and raging passions to and in our lives? Sure, you're obviously replying to that in the most mediocre manner and annoying monotone voice, "but that's just because we're different…". Please, if you had anything close to that sort of reaction, I implore you to not read any further. But if you really are contemplating life and all of its complicated networks that meet up to its reason and straight down to the neurons that fuel it, read further and further in to what may really open your mind and heart to true purpose ... purpose where no limits exist. 


"To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist, that is all" - Oscar Wilde

My Super moon shot

That is perfectly put, right? I can voluntarily put myself on the court stand and admit that I am guilty of exactly that - just existing, being stagnant and rotting in many holes that I have put myself in. To put things 'straight', we can argue that we may only wake up to the veracity and actuality of life, and what it is supposed to be, once we have been in the deepest and gloomiest of places in our murky lives; basically we see the true form of a tree  once all of its leaves have fallen. 

I took this picture this year during early Autumn, while taking a walk through the garden. A weeping willow, which my mom and I planted some 12 years ago, stands gracefully in the soil with the tips of its branches brushing the patches of moss on the ground. Definitely one of my happy places! Even though I planted this red-leafed fern about 8 years ago, I feel that when I look back to life back then, it feels as though I had read those memories in a story. Long ago seems as though it had never happened.


On some sort of level, surely LIFE itself can be regarded as something, and I say something in quite a general sense. What I am implying here alludes to the reality that life could surely have an existence. Don't we all live in some 'connected existence' so to speak? Where every word we speak  and all our actions come into being as they are conducted. As our thoughts and actions are conceived, they come into this substance of life where everything that happens or exists on this geoid is inevitably controlled by space, time and other unknown forms of physics. 

I can't stress enough around the fact that maybe we all are in some form of augmented reality where nothing and nobody really exists and this fake 'life' we call life may or may not be physically connected to any form or definition of substance but rather just a bunch of thrown together crunched up numbers. I may be stepping on the toes of some small and closed minded people here, but considering the argument stated prior, one cannot completely disregard that this may be true. That's where the problem solely lies, its the fact that we all are wound up and boxed into this reality where we are taught and brainwashed into thinking that what we see is  the only from of life or reality that exists, and if you don't accept that you are pushed aside and put into the category of either being mad or someone that smoked something that loosened your sticks a tad bit.

But isn't that the funniest part of it? The people that are supposedly intellectual and have studied for an unnecessary amount of years boxed in by four walls, think that they have the higher power of deciding what is and what is not. They live in their own supposedly open-minded reality (really) where they feel they have the say. Now isn't that very quaint? Shame.


"There is nothing so beautifully genuine as a broken hearted person's love. For in giving it they are saying, "Yes, I have burned to smoke and ash for the ones I have loved. I have been devoured slowly, then spat back out. And probability suggests you are likely to ruin me too. But here, have my heart. Take it. I'd like you to." - Beau Taplin (Broken Love)

This is my friend Francesca and I took this shot of her during a shoot we did on the beach.

At this stage I hope you haven't been thinking from a literal point of view, yet I don't think that any of this can swing that way - can our lives and reality be taken literally? Can we maybe see it this way; where we are beings not meant for the realm we are currently in and we have been so conditioned and indoctrinated to think in a physical sense? There are a few of us that still could be in touch with or think in the direction that this post has been going in. The small group of us see passed our human side and more towards the side that is unknown to most of this reality we have been moulded into. We can consider two realities, the accepted and false reality and the one that is made for us, the mysterious and most significant one - the strange and beautiful one. 


"Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored." - Aldous Huxley

The Soul

To end this off, as I feel this may have reached a level that has been quite overwhelming, we think of ourselves as humans in a reality where we are searching for some sort of spiritual awakening, when the truth is that we are in fact spiritual beings endeavouring to cope with a human awakening (where some of us have unfortunately lost that endeavour). When seeing ourselves from the perspective of the spirit or the real reality within, will help us to remember why we are here at this very point in our lives and what we came to do. 


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Amy Daniels 4 years, 2 months ago

The soul is very engaging. Awesome photo

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Luke Hagemann Replied to Amy Daniels 4 years, 2 months ago

Thank you so much Amy!

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