Adventure, Hope and Travel - Cape Town Part 1

by Luke Hagemann January. 12, 2017 920 views

We all may know of this place, surely? A city of great heritage, history and of course - adventure! Born in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, I must say that I have only been to Cape Town (Western Cape) three times. From Port Elizabeth to Cape Town is a tedious, irritating, grueling and strenuous 9 and and a half hour drive. From the moment I left Port Elizabeth, I was filled will an immense amount of excitement and thirst! However, after the realization that I would be sitting in my car, in one lackluster place for almost 10 hours, all that happiness began to seep through to my feet. Gosh, sitting in one attitude, what could be more exciting, right? One would begin to grow extremely tired of listening to the same playlist of 500 songs. But please, don't judge this stunning part of South Africa from my perspective! See it this way; 9 and half hours of driving is so worth it in the end! Who wouldn't be happy having wine farms on your left and on your right...oh, how auspicious! 


And so it begins!      

Stopping off to use the loo at quite a, and I must say, dodgy petrol station. The toilets had no doors so I resorted to biting the bullet before my next stop. On the contrary, the weather was stella, clear skies and the most perfect summer heat!

After approximately 3 and a half hours of driving and having listened to some of my trips music, I took a young dig in my cubbyhole to find some sort of music that could lift my bum off the seat - and there it was, Mamma Mia! I really loved the movie and even more so the motion pictures soundtrack. I immediately skipped to 'Voulez-Vous'. 

A shot I took of myself while stopped at a road block just outside of Plettenberg Bay.

The heat was unbearable and no level of air-conditioning tamed! I wound my window down and the air was lovely and crisp as it flowed through my fingers.

There is nothing like fresh air and good music!

Plettenberg Bay. The stunning bay hosts some lovely geographical fluvial features, such as: a barrier island, lagoon, spit, and of course the stunning Oteniqua Mountains!

My next stop (and I oh so wished it was a drive-by) was Knysna. A coastal town just about an hours drive from Plettenberg Bay, is somewhat annoying, cramped and the street patterns are terribly irregular. However, one set of geological features that always makes me lower my revs, are the set of cliffs that were formed during the Mesozoic, when the break-up of Gondwana occurred, approximately 180 million years ago. 

The cliffs are literally made up of a clast-support matrix of pebbles that are tightly packed together. A truly amazing feature. 

The heat was really out in full swing like a raging and churning fire. No level ofair-conditioning helped. As impromptu as it was, I decided to stay and have agood old chat and an americano (with no milk) with a good friend of mine wholives in Knysna - Kayleigh.

Sweet Kayleigh! Always looking so fresh and friendly!

We decided to have our banter at a quaint little tea garden just a tad off the national road to Cape Town. This place was truly a place for fairies!

Beautiful Gora flowers bending their delicate petals to the cool water from the fountain. If I had half the chance, I would have done the same! The heat was too much!


This reminds me of a beautifully hidden place in The Secret Garden or Neverland!

I love my Americanos! A shot of me enjoying my goof cuppa Jo, while basking in the Summer shade!

A few cups of coffee later, nature called and of course I couldn't afford to need the ladies room on the road out in the middle of nowhere. Who knows, maybe Eustace Bag would have lent me the loo (I hope you get the humor there, if not, have a good time watching Courage the Cowardly Dog!). The toilet was stunning! It was like stepping into an old Victorian Era WC, straight out of one of Jane Austen's novels! Now mind you, I ran to get my camera to take a shot of a perfectly crafted little flower nestled on the cistern - who takes their camera to the toilet!

Bathroom garden!


To be continued. Stay fixed! Exciting things to come...

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Ivan Steenkamp 4 years, 4 months ago

Amazing photos man! Keep it up, your GREAT!

4 years, 4 months ago Edited
Radha Mistry 4 years, 6 months ago

like the gora flowers pic xxx

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