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A passionate photographer!
Originally from the pin-prick of a city, Grahamstown, I moved to Port Elizabeth to pursue and study a degree in Geology and Mathematical Statistics. This was a five year culture shocking journey through the sciences, a tough and arduous one which slowly began to overshadow my true passion and creativity; which lay dormant for those long and lab-groping dark years. During these tempestuous times, I grew immensely - above and beyond all my known expectations. I always felt and had known that during those fives years I was not following the calling for my life, yet being the diligent worker that I am I kept myself in the continuous life-gear of finishing my BS of c* degree. However I felt that I was on my last trapeze and after that I would have nothing more to catch onto but only a small empty space.

This was when I hit my life's jackpot! Sitting in my ungodlyishly early morning statistic class listening to the lecturer (who had taken me for 2 years, and who I had never liked - we had an uncanny student-teacher relationship where we knew we both didn't like each other) rattle on in a language that only the four walls and the six students in the class new: nothing new right? I had my usual spot in the lecture/conference room, near a window that looked out over the parking lot where my car was parked. During that paramount (to me) moment I asked myself if this was my true life's purpose. "No". That is all that came to my mind. "No".

That was my defining moment, amongst many others, that made and defined the strong and passionate person I am a this crowing moment. My whole life has been a difficult yet unusually promising journey of self-discovery that has swept me off my feet to destinations unknown.

I am continuously learning and capturing; not only pictures and objects, but continually encapsulating who I am and what I am becoming - in front of and behind the lens.


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Camera Gear

  • Canon EOS 700D
  • Canon 50mm 2.8
  • Canon 18-5mm
  • CAnon 75-300mm USM
  • Sigma EF-610 DG ST
  • Tripod
  • Canon RS Remote
  • +10, +4, +2, +1 Phottix macro filters
  • x5 Cokin Creative filters and gradient tint filters
  • Canon 24mm 2.8
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