Day 36!!! Looking down

by Holly Hassall February. 05, 2017 864 views

Lucky enough today i am working in Chester, 2hours away from my location in leicestershire. i know there is some fantastic locations over in cheshire, so i thought i would start off by taking a walk around the Chester pebble beds. 

For those who dont know chester was founded by the romans 79ad, the wall itself (where it was taken from ) is about a 2mile walk around the city passing some amazing picturesque locations. The city center is amazing to walk around many of the shops still have the old victorian look, even if you stop in a nearby cafe you may find some of the interior is still dated from many years ago.  

I didnt get much time to have a proper mooch about, so for now these images will have to do until next time.... 

street photography

as time goes by

street photography

walking along the cobbles

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holly x 

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Ivan Steenkamp 3 years, 7 months ago

Are you going to complete your 365 day challenge?

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