Day 37!! Frozen in TIME

by Holly Hassall February. 06, 2017 374 views

I am still exploring lovely chester, this time I have decided for day 37 (theme time) I would use my pictures of eastgate clock. 

This clock is England's second most photographed clock, after big Ben (London). The orginal gate was gaurded bt a timber tower, which was then replaced by a stone tower in the 2nd century. In 1899 a clock was added to the top of the gateway to celebrate queen Victoria's diamond jubilee 2 years earlier. The clock has a face each of its 4 sides along with its plinth inscribed on every side. 

Street photography

Eastgate clock

Street photography

Black and white

These images were taken on my Canon 350d, images were then processed through Lightroom. Very little editing as I like to leave alot of my images how they are apart from changing it in b&w or by slightly cropping. 

Street photography


Any friendly critque or advice is welcome, we don't bite. Please don't forgot to share the love and give us a cheeky follow. 

Goodnight all 


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