Refurbishment in London

by Kamil Nocon June. 29, 2020 141 views

The Interior Designer with whom I sometimes work, has asked me to create an existing plan of the two-storey, old XIX century building on Addison Garden in London.

It was an interesting experience, as I haven't got too many occasions to work with the old architecture, which I incidentally like! :) So, my work was to create a complete project of the existing building, including plans, sections, elevations, etc for my colleague. Based on my drawing she would do her new design.

So, as she has asked me, I've done all drawings, you can now admire my design :)

Ah one more thing - this time I haven't used AutoCAD, but Revit Architecture, amazing software, which you can use to create pretty quickly 3D design of the whole building and plus add some beautiful rendering!


Visualisation of the fron elevation.

Visualisation of the fron elevation.

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