Photo challenge: Childhood Memory

by Janet Wachter January. 16, 2017 558 views

When I was almost 10 my family spent about 8 months living in the small town in southwest Missouri where my Dad was born and raised. I had spent most of my life overseas and a friend took me to Dairy Queen for the first time. I didn't know what Dairy Queen was or what to order, so I just did the old "I'll have what she's having" routine. What she was having was a chocolate dipped cone and at my first bite a life-long relationship with DQ began! So tonight I stopped by Dairy Queen in my own town and ordered one--you know, just to photograph. It took the kid the longest time to make it and when he presented it to me I must have looked at him funny because he said apologetically, "Sorry, it's kind of messy." So here you have the messy chocolate dipped cone which I took pictures of and then promptly consumed.

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