Photo Challenge: "On the Shelf."

by Janet Wachter January. 29, 2017 447 views

I have a shelf in my home that is sort of my international family shelf which holds various dolls and figures that people have brought me from various parts of the world. There is a family from Bulgaria that my parents bought when they were there; a family carved from stone and a locally handmade doll from South Africa that my daughter bought at a local craft fair when she studied there for four months; a little Guatemalan doll from another daughter who spent a few months there; and a mother and baby from China that I bought when I visited my sister when she lived in Beijing. It's a sweet reminder of the importance of family no matter where one lives.

Bulgarian mom and dad.

South African doll my daughter bought at a craft fair.

Chinese mother and baby, Guatemalan doll, Bulgarian doll

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