92/365 ~ Medal of Honor Urn #2

by Heidi Egerman April. 03, 2018 310 views

As you may know from a previous post back in February, my husband makes cremation urns and donates many of these urns to veterans organization. He recently started making this special urn for Medal of Honor recipients. We also sell cremation urns on our Etsy site, but John is passionate about designing, hand-crafting and donating urns for American veterans. If you are interested in learning more about his work and to see other veterans urns check out the his website, www.everlastingtree.com

Walnut Medal of Honor

Numerous holes have been drilled in the base of the urn and are plugged with a brass cap. Soil or sand from a battlefield like Omaha Beach or Pearl Harbor is placed there to represent the battlegrounds where veterans fought and so many lost their lives.

The leaf on the lid was replicated in bronze from a leaf collected at Arlington National Cemetery. They were cast at Valley Bronze in Joseph, Oregon. Valley Bronze provided the bronze work for the World War II Memorial and the frames that hold the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights in Washington DC.

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