Oranje Gerbera

by Heike January. 02, 2018 2125 views

Happy new year to everybody - I wish, that the New Year turns out to be a very special one for all of you !

This beautiful 'dutch' gerbera was standing on the windowsill of my living room and it was nearly begging for a photoshoot, before it fades away. So I arranged some different backgrounds and at least, I'm quite satisfied with the results.

(Why dutch Gerbera? - I'm not sure, whether it's well known in the rest of the world, but in Europe, surely everybody knows, that orange (oranje) is the color of the Netherlands. It is the color of the royal dutch family, which hails from the House of Orange and it symbolizes a broader pride in the country and in being Dutch. Especially on sport events, like soccer, you can see thousands of fans, dressed in orange, in the stadium.)

Reduced saturation

Reduced saturation

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Sudarshan Sp 2 years, 10 months ago

nice macro shot...

2 years, 10 months ago Edited
Radha Mistry 2 years, 11 months ago

Amazing angles and colours

2 years, 11 months ago Edited
Timothy Bullock 3 years ago

Amazing pictures!!! I love flower pictures!

3 years ago Edited
Heike Replied to Timothy Bullock 3 years ago

Thanks so much, Timothy !

3 years ago Edited
Emma Cloete 3 years ago

Absolutely stunning....I love the Gerberer , and all the bright colours you can get it in.  In South Africa we have the Barberton Daisy which is family of the gerberer.

3 years ago Edited
Heike Replied to Emma Cloete 3 years ago

Thanks a lot Emma, they are indeed lovable flowers !

3 years ago Edited
Nicole Bausman 3 years ago

Number 3 is my favorite but they are all so colourful and beautiful.

3 years ago Edited
Heike Replied to Nicole Bausman 3 years ago

Kind thanks Nicole !

3 years ago Edited

#1 - ist ein exzeptionelles, wunderschönes Foto. Die Perspektive und die Schärfe in einem kleinen Bereich der Staubgefäße sind toll!

3 years ago Edited
Heike Replied to Sigrid Strohschneider-Laue 3 years ago

Danke schön, Sigrid !

3 years ago Edited
Sigrid Strohschneider-Laue Replied to Heike 3 years ago

Danke dir, fürs anschauen lassen!

3 years ago Edited
Camellia Staab 3 years ago

Love the perspectives and love the colors, thanks for sharing and inspiring smile

3 years ago Edited
Heike Replied to Camellia Staab 3 years ago

Thanks so much, glad you like it !

3 years ago Edited
Francesc 3 years ago

Wonderul macros

3 years ago Edited
Heike Replied to Francesc 3 years ago

Thanks so much !grinning

3 years ago Edited
Tsao T-F 3 years ago

Happy New Year!!

3 years ago Edited
Heike Replied to Tsao T-F 3 years ago

Same to you, Tsao ! Thanks so much for your comment.

3 years ago Edited
Antonio Gil 3 years ago

Such beauty is a feast to the eye. Happy New Year dear friend. fireworks

3 years ago Edited
Heike Replied to Antonio Gil 3 years ago

Thank you Antonio! I hope your 2018 will be a fantastic year !

3 years ago Edited
Berckmans Peter 3 years ago

First of all a very happy New Year. Love these, #7 is my favourite with its soft colors.

3 years ago Edited
Heike Replied to Berckmans Peter 3 years ago

Thanks a lot, Peter ! Hope your wishes come true this year !

3 years ago Edited
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