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This week’s 52frames is abstract so I’ve been trying out different things. Today’s challenge was to work on lighting.

This week‘s challenge in 52frames is “Abstract” so I decided to practice with a few different ideas, this being one of them.

This week’s 52 project is all about reflection so I’ve been trying out a few different things. I will have to reflect upon which one to choose! 😊

Usually when I walk by, you can hear the cacophony of geese, ducks, coots and songbirds but now all is still, blanketed with a fresh layer of white snow! ❄️❄️

My sweet little papillon, Angel. I wish I could take credit for doing this but it was made with an app called Prisma! I thought it looked so cute!

As I walked past the golf course this morning there was a definite chill in the air and I was surprised to see a thin layer of ice covering the pond. The…

This week‘s challenge in 52Frames was food photography. I decided to have waffles for breakfast one day this week and then decided I could use this for this…

The blue jays are frequent visitors to the backyard and I think they might be stockpiling the peanuts somewhere for the upcoming winter.

Grackles have been visiting the backyard lately and enjoying the mountain ash berries. I really like their glossy, iridescent feathers.

As I was walking along the path past the river, I decided to stop for a rest and, of course, I saw a photo op in front of me. Good thing I had my camera!