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How do I write a blog post

Scheduling is Pro account feature that allows you to publish your posts to a past or future date.

  • To schedule a post, click on the "Publish" button from the upper right corner of editor page.  

  • You will be taken to PhotoBlog editor. Start by typing a title for your story. Then, simply start writing your story in the editor. To start styling your text, simply select them.  
  • To add Photos to your story, click on the "Add Image" Icon.  

  • Once an image is added, you will have a caption field attached to it.
  • Click on your photos to open the image toolbar. You can select display options (normal or full-screen), select an image as the cover of the story, or delete the image from this toolbar. i.e.
  • Once you are done writing your story, click on the Publish button at the top of the browser i.e.  
  • From here you can add tags, choose a category, schedule your post, save as draft, or publish.