The Preuses'Hall: Ceiling and decoration, Pierrefonds castel F60

by Olga Helys June. 26, 2021 65 views

Pierrefonds Castel is located in the Oise department, at the south-eastern edge of the Compiègne forest, north of Paris. Pierrefonds Castel presents most of the characteristics of the defensive work in the Middle Ages, called the "troubadour style" of the 19th century.

Built in the 15th century by the powerful lineage of Nivelon, lords of Pierrefonds, originating from Quierzy and destroyed in the 17th century Pierrefonds Castel is recreated by Viollet-Le-Duc at the order of Napoleon III.

During the 18th century the castle, abandoned, is sold as a national property. Napoleon I bought it back in 1813 and brought it into the outbuildings of the Compiègne forest.

Viollet-Le-Duc undertook major decoration and furniture creation work there.

by © Hei Li, Helys Photos

by © Hei Li, Helys Photos

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