Soul-Searching Adventures

by Han Banks July. 29, 2016 928 views
Falls I

Pano of the amazing view

   When people used to ask me what my hobbies were I never really knew what to say. I was so involved in so many different things I really never knew which one was my chosen favorite. Twenty-one years later, I've finally discovered a distinguished, unique hobby. My hobby is soul-searching. It may sound odd but my type of soul-searching is so much better than walking down a sandy beach at sunset. My soul-searching is adventurous outdoor expeditions. It isn’t always necessarily hiking, or canoeing, but the nature walks I go on are my way of peace. To me, soul-searching is taking a break, relaxing, and taking a moment out of life’s craziness to take in how beautiful the world is.

    A couple weekends ago I made a trip to Cummin’s Falls. It was by far one of my more vigorous hikes given that I fell on slippery rocks around 7 times. This trip was without a doubt the best soul-searching trip I’ve been on in a long time because I had 0 phone signal, but a whole 2 hours of amazing views. Being able to sit down my phone, take in the beautiful falls, and take a breather from my stressful duties, and unwanted assignments was much needed. The pictures from the journey capture moments of challenge, relief, and beauty that I experienced throughout the 3 mile haul down the river and rocky cliffs.

Falls II

This is the view from the waterfall overlook. To get down to the falls, we had to hike down to the river & over several hills and cliff drops.

Fall III

We had to hike up the river to reach the waterfall. A majority of the hike was through the river and rocks.

Falls IV

Finally making it to the falls was such a blessing.

Fall V


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Ram Ya 4 years, 1 month ago

I loved reading your story and captions. Feels like we are all joining you in this journey.
Thanks for sharing with us.

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