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Another semester is over… Finally over! This blackboard is what I decided to give myself as a gift ;))

No matter how difficult the last days of semester can be, as long as I have chocolate I will survive :)

I can look at lonely trees and take pictures of them all my life and never get bored… Enjoying a walk in campus… Sun is shining and I love it..

Absolutely the best place I have ever been to… Mountain, amazing rocks, lonely trees, wide blue sky , huge amphitheater… Couldn't be better.

The clouds in Colorado have unique shapes… Everywhere you look, you see the amazing wide sky.. Viva Colorado

This blue flower was smaller but stronger I dried it but didn't put in in the vase among other flowers.. It didn't want to be a face in the crowd..

Last chocolate of this box was absolutely the best one… Isn't it the case about almost everything in life? I need a refill RIGHT NOW … Just saying ;) Rocky…

I dried flowers from a unique night.. A unique moment is captured in these bright flowers.. And I love capturing moments :)

You know you're at the right place when your professor brings you chocolate :) How can I not love being a student then?
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