Backyard Marcos: Audrey II

by Hilary Halliwell June. 19, 2020 140 views

We've got our very own Audrey II (the singing killer plant in the film Little Shop of Horrors). But this "mean green mother" isn't from outer space. It's actually one of the oldest Cycads, or cone bearing plants on earth, dating back to the Jurassic age. This plant is a King Sago Palm. We have 3 of them on our property. When we moved to our new house last year, I began researching many of the plants in the area that I'd never seen before, and this one was particularly unusual to me.

The yellow cone shaped object is actually the plant's flower. Sagos don't bloom until they are about 15-20 years old (they live to be about 100), and then they bloom once every 3 or 4 years.

Sago Palm Flower

Sago Palm Flower

Theses are very cool plants and grow well were I live, but pet owners beware; Sago Palms are toxic if ingested, so be sure to keep them away from pets. There have been stories posted on Facebook about dogs that have died after getting into these plants. If you have curious pets it's always best to research a plant to find out if it is toxic before bringing it into the house.

Sago Palms sprout a new row of leaves every year.

A new row of leaves unfolds

A new row of leaves unfolds

This image below was taken with my phone to provide a general idea of how large the male flower cone gets.

The blooms are either male or female. Ours is a male. The female flower is smaller and more rounded.

Here is some additional information on these remarkable plants:

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